New Classes for hip and knee pain

Do you have knee or hip pain?


An education and exercise programme for people with chronic joint pain or arthritis. This is a nationally recommended exercise programme with proven benefits, now available in Flitwick.

ESCAPE-pain is a group-based, NICE-approved rehabilitation programme for the management of osteoarthritis of the hip and/or knee. Classes are run by osteopath, Deborah Smith, and delivered over 12 classes (2 classes per week over 6 weeks). Each class integrates education and exercise:

Educational session (~20mins):

facilitated group discussion on self-management and coping strategies

Exercise regimen (~40mins): circuit-type, individualised and progressive


New Flitwick Classes will start on a Monday and Thursday for 6 weeks from 10th September 2018. Please let us know you are interested and we will put your name down. Please make sure you will be available for the full 6 weeks. Email or phone to register: or 07733 274 931

BENEFITS – supported by clinical evidence

  • Reduces pain
  • Improves physical function
  • Improves mental wellbeing, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Reduces healthcare and utilisation costs

Information, advice and support from a Physiotherapist or exercise professional to help better manage chronic joint pain and lead a more active life

A group exercise programme tailored to your individual needs

A chance to socialise with and learn from other people living with arthritis


  • Aged 45 years or older
  • Chronic joint pain for at least 3 months
  • Needing a supervised exercise programme
  • Independently mobile and able to carry out regular exercise
  • Available to attend classes for 6 weeks


You don’t need a referral to come to the classes. Just book in on line or phone up. Once you book in, we will send you a short questionnaire to make sure the class is suitable for you.


FALSE: I might hurt myself.

TRUE: Gentle physical activity has been proven to be safe, improve pain, mobility and wellbeing without making arthritis symptoms worse.


FALSE: I’m too old, it’s too late for exercise to have any effect.

TRUE: Physical activity benefits anyone at any age. It’s never too late to become more active.


FALSE: I will eventually need a joint replacement or surgery.

TRUE: Not everyone with arthritis will need a joint replacement. There are many non-surgical treatments, such as exercise, that can help reduce pain and maximise your ability to do what you want.


(from other classes)

“I am very pleased that my arthritic knees are not as painful and my overall ability to carry out everyday activities has really improved.”

“It has really changed my life in the way that I manage my knee pain, and the confidence it has given me.”

“I have benefited 100% from the class. My knee is much improved and I have a training programme to help me with the rest of my life.”

“I started barely able to walk with two sticks and in constant pain. It has taken time, nearly two months, but today I am walking without help and generally pain free.”