Treatment takes place in the convenience of your own home.  I bring my treatment couch and equipment.  You provide the location and your own pillow and blanket/modesty covering.

You will have a full case history taken , followed by examination.  This will enable me to understand your condition and form a diagnosis of what has happened.  Together we will plan how to proceed with treatment and prevention of future problems.

Osteopathy is a hands on treatment involving massage, stretching, movement and manipulation.  You will also be given lots of advice to help you understand your condition and what you can do to help yourself.  Exercise is a very important part of improving any problem so you will need to commit to regular exercise to get the most out of your treatment.

My preferred method of payment is by card.  I have a portable card machine.


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Are you looking for help with your pain or stiffness?

You may have been in pain for a few hours or perhaps you have been affected by pain for weeks, months or even years.  Are you worried about what might have gone wrong?

Have you had to stop activities because of your pain?

Have you had to change jobs? Or maybe you no longer play a sport you enjoy or go for a nice long walk? Have you had to stop gardening or DIY?

Pain can have a huge impact on many aspects of your life.

We treat people suffering with pain and stiffness, which may be a recent injuries or long-term pain.

With the latest understanding of pain causes and treatments we aim to provide you with the best treatment and advice for your condition.

New Pain

Osteopathic treatment will help you to get moving again and relieve your pain.

Bent over and had sudden pain? Woke up with pain? New pains can come from an injury or for no apparent reason.

We will listen to your pain story and take time to understand your health and lifestyle  There may be many reasons why your pain has started now.  After a detailed case history and examination we will help you to understand your pain and answer any questions you may have.  If there are any concerns about underlying causes of your pain we will discuss these with you and refer you to your GP.

Treatment will usually involve massage, stretching and movements to ease tension and increase your freedom and confidence in moving.  You will be given exercises and advice so you can help yourself at home.

Whilst you are waiting for an appointment please watch this video to understand more about your pain and how you can help yourself ADVICE FOR BACK PAIN

Long-term Pain

Osteopathic treatment will help you to reach your goals in overcoming pain and symptoms to return to a more comfortable and active lifestyle.

Our approach to long-term pain is to take time to listen to your story and understand all the different factors involved in your pain experience.  We will take time to examine you – looking at movements, pain reactions and understanding how your pain is affecting your body.

A key aspect of treating long-term pain is helping you to understand your pain – the triggers, the compensations, the underlying condition.  We often take time to explain scan results, so bring them along if you have them.

Treatment will involve hands-on massage and stretching, exercise and movement.  The aim is to reduce sensitivity in your body, change habits and restore good movement patterns enabling you to feel better, move better and achieve more.