How do we help you?

We take a three step approach to helping people out of pain:

  1. Tell your story
  2. Understand your pain
  3. Plan your treatment

Tell your story

You are the expert on your pain.  We want to hear from you about how it feels, the effect on you, the triggers, the highs and lows.  Many people don’t know what triggered their pain but we try to build a picture of what might have caused the pain by getting to know you, your lifestyle, the things you do and previous injuries and medical conditions to try to help you out of pain.

Learn about your pain

Next we want to learn about your pain and it’s effect on your body.  We will need to see you moving and have a look at the area of pain. This often involves undressing to your underwear so we can see the affected area.  You are welcome to wear a vest and shorts if you feel more comfortable.

You will be asked to demonstrate movements.  We may do some simple tests to make sure your nerves are sending messages correctly and your muscles are still responding well.

The final part of building the picture of your pain is to use our highly defined skill of touch to feel movements, tension, flexibility and reactions in the area of pain.  The body is complex and interlinked so we won’t just look at the area of pain.  We will consider how your whole body is working to get a better understanding of your pain.

Plan your treatment

We always discuss and explain our findings and answer any questions or concerns you may have.  You will find out what can be done to help and expected outcomes and an estimate of the number of treatments you need.  We will explain to you the effects of any diagnosis or scans you might have already received and help you to understand why you are in pain.  We will discuss different treatment options and approaches to overcoming pain and remaining in good health.  Together we will plan what will suit you best in your steps to good health.

Treatment usually involves hands on massage, movement and stretching.  You will be advised how you can help yourself to improve with exercises and pain management advice.  Exercise is an extremely important part of treatment and we always aim to help you back to a healthy lifestyle and help you to get stronger – you can’t go wrong with getting strong.

If we feel that you need further investigations into your pain, we will refer you to the appropriate professional.  Sometimes we identify people who perhaps will not benefit from our treatment approach at the present time we will discuss with you and identify other avenues to explore.