Benefits of treatment

Will treatment help you?

Research has shown that 7 out of 10 people feel better after their first osteopathic treatment.

Understanding your pain – it’s causes, and how to improve is usually a big step of progress along the journey to health.  We will identify the improvement goals that matter to you – attending an event, getting back to sport, going to work, gardening etc. etc.  Together we will decide the steps towards achieving these goals.

How many treatments will I need?

You are about to make an investment in improving your health.  It is very difficult to predict exactly how many treatments you will need.  These are the estimates from my clinical experience but you may be quicker or slower to improve:

New pain localised to one area – 3-4 treatments

Symptoms involving more than one area – 5-6 treatments

Long-term pain of months or years – more than 80% of patients are improved after 8 treatments

Treatments costs £50 for the first appointment, lasting about 60 minutes and £42 per subsequent treatment, about 30 minutes.

Card payments are preferrable please.

Are there people that don’t respond to treatment?

Yes, but very few.

Your case history and examination may indicate that your condition is not suitable for treatment or needs further investigations. With your agreement you will be referred for appropriate help elsewhere and a referral letter will be written.

Sometimes people do not improve with treatment.  This may be because of underlying factors contributing to the symptoms – this may be something physical or lifestyle issues.

With some people we agree a trial of three treatments and if no progress is being made we will agree with you to refer for alternative treatment or investigations.  We always aim to help you have a greater understanding of your symptoms and the different aspects that may be causing those symptoms.

If you do not make progress with treatment we will not continue.

We are in the business of helping people to reach and maintain good health, not providing endless ineffective treatments.